How to Clock-in and Clock-out on the App?

Open the StaffWerk app on your device.

Click on "My Shifts" and then navigate to the "Accepted" section and select the shift that you are about to start.

Tap on the shift to view its details.

When you're in the designated work area, click the blue "Check-in" button to begin tracking your work time. Remember, you can only click "Check-in" once you're at the work location, and your device's location must be turned on throughout your shift. Without location services enabled, your work time won't start counting.

To clock-out just go to the shift you are working, click the "Check-out" button once you are done with your shift.

After you clock out at the end of your shift, you'll be able to see the hours you worked, as well as the start and end times of your shift.