Preguntas Frecuentes

Para bajar el StaffWerk App en tu telephono, por favor utiliza los enlaces a continuación. 


Click here if you have IOS 

Click here if you have an Android 

To create your Werker account with us, please click here. 

StaffWerk Directory: 


StaffWerk phone number – (877) 998 – 5999 

For assistance, please reach out to our support team. We’re here to help with any questions or issues with the app you may have regarding our services.

Please use our HR email address for any inquiries or actions related to human resources matters at Staffwerk. This includes inquiries about job openings, submitting applications, compliance, bad behavior, taxes, addressing HR policies and procedures, and seeking assistance with personnel issues.

If you need help with your onboarding process, position tests and certifications, please contact us using this email address.

Please use our Terms and Conditions email address for any inquiries or actions related to our company’s terms of service, policies, and legal agreements. This includes questions about specific clauses, seeking clarification on terms, requesting copies of our terms and conditions documents, and addressing issues related to compliance with our policies. 

Please use this email address for any inquiries or actions related to financial transactions with Staffwerk. This email address is intended for matters such as requesting invoices, addressing billing discrepancies, submitting payment confirmations, and seeking assistance with payment-related issues.

To change permissions on a iOS device, please click here.

To change permissions on a Android device, please click here.

To Send a Message To StaffWerk Support:

  1. Open your StaffWerk app on your device. 
  2. Go to Messages page and click New Message
  3. On the Search Bar, search for StaffWerk Admin
  4. Write your message and we will reply shortly.

To learn how to apply for a shift on the app, please click here 

To learn how to reset your password, please click here.

To Change Your Password: 

Go to your profile

Click on the “Change Password” 

Type your current password and the new password

Click “Save” to change your new password. 


To Accept a Shift When I Get an Invitation: 

  • Navigate to the “My Shift” section located on the bottom navigation bar of the app.

  • Choose the shift you wish to apply for and complete any required tests or upload necessary certifications.

  • Once all requirements are fulfilled, proceed to click the “Accept” button.

  • When the button changes color to blue, click it to confirm and join the new shift seamlessly.

  • StaffWerk team will reach out to you to confirm your attendance for the shift. 


Open the StaffWerk app on your device.

Click on “My Shifts” and then navigate to the “Offers” section and select the shift that you are unable to attend.

Tap on the shift to view its details.

Look for the button to decline the offer for that shift.

Click “Decline” to notify the StaffWerk team.

Verify that the shift status now displays “You declined this offer”.



To learn how to cancel your shift, please click here.

To learn how to clock-in and clock-out for your shift, please click here 

What happens if I am sent home early? 

If, during your shift, there is insufficient work, you will be compensated for the hours you worked or for a minimum of 4 hours of your hourly wage (e.g., if you worked 7 hours, you will be paid for all 7 hours; if you worked 3 hours, you will be paid for 4 hours).

  • For shifts scheduled to last fewer than 4 hours, you will only receive payment for the hours worked.
  • What happens if they asked me to stay late? 
  • You will be achieving higher earnings! While your hourly rate remains unchanged, your total earnings will now reflect the actual time worked.
  • To ensure accurate compensation for additional hours worked, please adjust and report any extra time in the app before clocking out.
  • It’s crucial to clock out using the app once your work is complete to avoid delays in payment, irrespective of the hours logged. Clocking out is mandatory for timely payment processing.

What happens if I’m running late? 

We acknowledge that unexpected events can lead to tardiness, yet being late can impact both your opportunities and those of your colleagues.


Here are steps to ensure you arrive on time:
Familiarize yourself with shift specifics, such as location, time, and dress code.
Anticipate challenges such as weather, traffic, or personal obligations. Please be aware that traffic or weather-related delays are not acceptable excuses, so plan accordingly.
Allocate extra time to find parking and locate the check-in location. Aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early whenever feasible.

When do I get paid for my shift?

We issue payments every two weeks, on alternate Fridays, via paper checks. These checks are mailed to the address you provided in your hiring documents.





What are position tests and why do I need to take them?

Position tests are short quizzes you’ll need to complete for certain roles. They help ensure you’re qualified for the position. Taking these tests enables you to apply for more positions.

I know that I will be late, what do I do?

Contact StaffWerk through email/phone or reach out to your on-site contact to let us know you are running late. That way we can plan around your tardiness. You can find the on-site contact information on the shift details page.

What happens if I’m asked to work a different position? 

Should there be sudden changes in  business requirements, you will only be asked to work a different position you are qualified for.



If you decline the new position, you will not be eligible for 4 hours of payment, and there will be no penalty (provided you arrive on time!)

How to upload certifications? 

When applying for specific positions, you’ll need to upload certifications.


Simply locate the shift you’re interested in.

Click on it.

Select “upload certification” and once it’s uploaded, proceed to click the “apply” button.



StaffWerk’s app utilizes a geofence feature, which creates a virtual boundary around your designated work area.  If you move outside this boundary, a screen will appear within the app whenever you’ve stepped outside the designated work area. You will have 15 minutes to return to the designated area before you are automatically clocked out. This feature ensures you start informed about your work location requirements.